marketing driven
      business growth


Content Marketing

       Content Marketing an essential skill for any business,
the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ are you going to start.


with a plan

Dolezal Consulting provides marketing driven business growth using an improved strategic focus, a clear marketing plan and delivery through the best possible channels for your business and budget.

Our track record Case Studies Page and Events Page demonstrate our knowledge and experience.

Start with a plan

A clear, cost-effective and workable marketing plan is the keystone to a successful company.
Your marketing plan should identify what you need to do to achieve your business goals so you can go out and do it.
No matter what size your company is or what it does the right marketing will help build a more energetic and robust business.

We have a creative common sense approach that starts with a development session that is free of charge. In two hours we aim to clearly identify your business focus and goals as well as what drives your business profits, so we can give you what you need when you need it.


Marketing and Communications

Developing your Marketing Strategy allows you to plan for the future & develop the full potential of your business. We will guide you each step of the way & leave you ready to market your business effectively.

Marketing Strategy

Brand and Company Identity

To build your brand it must be clearly defined and carefully managed.To build your company you need a strong identity that conveys what you do and what your customers and clients can expect.

Build your brand

Digital and Content Marketing

Content and Digital Marketing help you attract the right prospects and convert them to customers. We will help you to establish and grow an online presence that is right for your business, budget and target markets.

Grow Online

Customer Communications

Your customer database is your most valuable asset and enables you to harvest repeat business and referrals, with minimum spend.  We offer a suite of B2B and B2C tools: set-up and training or managed solutions.

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What our clients say

  • Good content (on how) to put content marketing in context and how it can be used in the marketing mix. I thought the mix of teaching, exercises and speakers was excellent. Challenging but good exercise on the “We are the only…” it was a great way to remind yourself why your own business is unique/good and the strengths to focus on. I thought the Q&A format was excellent for SEO section.

    Totallab Paddy Lavery
  • I have been working with Joanne for two years now, and she has been an inspiration and pleasure to work alongside. The most important thing for me was that she listened – actively listened, not an easy skill to grasp. There was no pressure or rush to get things started it was all done in my own time. Joanne had insight into where I needed to develop the business. It was done with clarity and understanding that enabled me to see where I was going. Although I had a business plan, it lacked a marketing strategy that Joanne delivered based on a depth of knowledge through research and hands on experience of working with other businesses overall. She is personable and approachable with insight into the mechanisms of human behaviour, essential when establishing who your customers are and knowing what they want from a business. Joanne is an excellent mentor for both my business and self. Long may it continue!

    Eliza Pepperpot and Co Ltd Liz Harding-Massey – Founder, Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd
  • Joanne provided really sound and thoughtful advice when we developed our marketing strategy. It was carefully thought out for our situation and she was prepared to roll up her sleeves to help us put it into action. We felt we had a real friend alongside us and enjoyed working with her.

    Shepherds Dene Christian Retreat House George Hepburn, OBE – Warden, Shepherds Dene
  • Black and Banton Occupational and Physical Health limited have been working closely with Joanne at Dolezal Consulting for over a year in relation to our Marketing & Communications practices. The work involved a full Audit of all marketing materials, communications, and documentation to enable us to develop a streamlined set of documentation both electronic and physical for our clients. This was followed by a thorough Competitor Benchmarking study to asses our market position. Joanne quickly delivered the work, which resulted in a much better understanding of our corporate image across all media, and we look forward to expanding our work in the near future.

    Black and Banton Occupational and Physical Health Paul Atkinson, Business Manager – Black & Banton
  • Working with Joanne was a pleasure and brought a new dimension to our marketing, developing a detailed marketing plan for us that is a template for the next phase of expansion of our business, and flexible enough to be applied to our emerging ideas.

    Northern Experience Wildlife Tours Martin Kitching, Owner – Northern Experience Wildlife Tours
  • Joanne has been a pleasure to work with. I did not feel rushed into ‘doing business’ and as the conversations explored the problems I faced, the appropriate questions and understanding evolved and the decision to work together was easy. Dolezal Consulting provided very insightful research to support the business decisions I faced and also helped me to better understand my customer, the means to reach them and the appropriate strategy to move forward. I look forward to working with Joanne again and seeing what gems of information will be turned up next time!

    Blink Collective Peter Kindness, Founder & CEO