About Dolezal Consulting

About Dolezal Consulting

Are you a marketing manager? Solopreneur? Leading a growing SME?

The team at Dolezal Consulting has been helping people like you rekindle their business mojo since 2009. Whether you want someone to help you make more money or to increase brand awareness, we’ll help you spread the word about what you offer.

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes and in all industries across the UK. Helping them develop marketing strategies that make the most of their budget, people, skills and time.


We draw on a deep bag of applied and theoretical marketing tools. All of which we’ve trialled and tested on our own business, before adding them to our wealth of common sense marketing methods.

Not for us the latest ‘flash in the pan’, the shiny ‘new kid on the marketing block’. Instead, we’re thoughtful, considered and reflective in our methods.

Our first step is to look at what you need to achieve and the resources you have in place. And we find this out by asking specific questions and listening hard to your answers.

“I have been working with Joanne for two years now, and she has been an inspiration and pleasure to work alongside. The most important thing for me was that she listened – actively listened, not an easy skill to grasp. There was no pressure or rush to get things started. It was all done in my own time.”

Liz Harding-Massey, Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd


We work closely with you to offer a long-term marketing strategy. A strategy to provide you with realistic, manageable and achievable steps that will help you reach your desired goal.

We know that being bombarded with marketing speak can feel like being blinded with science. It’s the main reason we offer a free, two-hour consultation to all prospective customers. It’s good to talk.

Getting to know each other, either face-to-face or over the phone, helps us to see if we’re a good fit. It shows us how we can work together and how to find the right way to start you off.

About Us


We’ve taken start-up businesses from the kitchen table to international trading status and worked on campaigns for brands across the UK.

We’ll help you:

  • Gain clarity on your current position in the marketplace
  • Find the best place to take action towards your goal
  • Get your business moving, thriving and growing

What’s next?

To get started
Call Joanne: 0191 229 3498
Email: enquire@dolezalconsulting.com

Our Approach

“Marketing?  I see it like a giant puzzle – a crossword we crack together.  Marketing isn’t about analysis paralysis and simply thinking about how to fill in the blanks.  It’s about starting from the most logical and sensible place, applying years of knowledge and experience and finishing the puzzle, so we grow your business.”

Joanne Dolezal, 2017

Joanne Dolezal holds an MA Marketing (Northumbria University), a Prof Dipl. Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Institute) and BA Hons. Modern Languages.

Meet the team

Joanne Dolezal

Joanne Dolezal

Dolezal Consulting was founded in 2009 by Joanne Dolezal and focuses on marketing and communications consultancy. Joanne has a background in enterprise and marketing, running her first business in Prague in the 1990s.  Roles in travel, technology transfer and destination marketing followed, before she realised her ambition of helping small businesses to harness the power

Amanda Scurr

Amanda Scurr

Amanda Scurr joined the core team in June 2013 and brings extensive experience in training, business and financial management to the mix. Amanda manages Social Media profiles and Content Publishing for clients and administrative support to Dolezal Consulting.

  • Joanne is a pleasure to work with – she has great ideas, not only on marketing, but on making a business more efficient, streamlined and, to put it in one word, better! She is patient and takes her time to listen and understand the business she is working with. Thanks to Joanne we have new business contacts, have been able to receive funding for projects and have more insight into our customers and can act faster to change. We are looking forward to working with Joanne in the future.

    Northern Secrets Alex Jacobs, Northern Secrets
  • I have been working with Joanne for two years now, and she has been an inspiration and pleasure to work alongside. The most important thing for me was that she listened – actively listened, not an easy skill to grasp. There was no pressure or rush to get things started it was all done in my own time. Joanne had insight into where I needed to develop the business. It was done with clarity and understanding that enabled me to see where I was going. Although I had a business plan, it lacked a marketing strategy that Joanne delivered based on a depth of knowledge through research and hands on experience of working with other businesses overall. She is personable and approachable with insight into the mechanisms of human behaviour, essential when establishing who your customers are and knowing what they want from a business. Joanne is an excellent mentor for both my business and self. Long may it continue!

    Eliza Pepperpot and Co Ltd Liz Harding-Massey – Founder, Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd
  • Joanne provided really sound and thoughtful advice when we developed our marketing strategy. It was carefully thought out for our situation and she was prepared to roll up her sleeves to help us put it into action. We felt we had a real friend alongside us and enjoyed working with her.

    Shepherds Dene Christian Retreat House George Hepburn, OBE – Warden, Shepherds Dene
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