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What are Your biggest Marketing Challenges?

by Joanne Dolezal on 17th October 2013

Every business, large or small, must face up to their own biggest marketing challenges some time.

Keeping up to date with changes in your industry?

Understanding customers’ buying behaviour?

Embracing new technology?

Well, welcome to a really BIG club!

In my industry, Marketing & Communications, the rate at which online platforms are developing is literally eye-watering. It can be hard to cut through all the noise, find a trusted source and apply even a fraction of all the advice hurtling towards you. It’s tempting to follow the latest guru, carpet-bomb social media with updates and smiley faces and then write it all off as a waste of time if it doesn’t lead to huge sales or your ‘phone ringing off the hook. Yes, we have ALL been there too.

I think the secret is to keep it simple.

Start with your existing customers, make sure you are in regular contact with them and are serving their needs. It is far harder to acquire new customers than existing ones and you might just sell them some more of your fantastic products and services.

Make sure you are sharing useful information – useful to them. Not sure what that might be? Why not give them and ring and ask them: “What is currently your biggest challenge?” It’s nice when people show they’re interested in how YOU are doing.

I am also a firm believer in having a PLAN.

If you are committed to growing your business, you will need to identify your biggest marketing challenges.  Next, you will need to explore those challenges and identify options for overcoming them.  Think ahead and plan your marketing and communications so they help you work towards your longer term goals: a product launch, an important trade show, entering a new market, etc.

Otherwise, if you don’t know where you’re heading, how will you know when you get there?

Joanne DolezalWhat are Your biggest Marketing Challenges?


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  • Darleen Luddy - 14th December 2014

    I think that all of these points are very thought provoking. Number three stands out for me the most. I find that there has to be a good balance daily between work and personal life. The struggle I face in a productive day is finding time for aspirations. Taking time for things that inspire me keep my life in balance. On the days where I put my aspirations aside I will feel a void. A sense of – what is all this hard work really for? – kind of feeling. Many thanks for your inspirational, thought provoking blog!

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