Brand and Company Identity

Brand Strategy and Corporate Identity

It’s no accident that Brand Equity now appears on the Balance Sheet.

You can’t touch it, smell it or see it, but it’s there and it matters, not just to customers but also your employees.

Because Brand Strategy and Corporate Identity are so important it’s no surprise that we all want to work for a brand we believe in.

And the elusive customer loyalty is all about the public buying into your brand values.

Whether you work alone or employ thousands, your company has a unique identity.

“Joanne’s approach to the brief was considered, methodical and highly organized with clear milestones and constant evaluation built into the process. As the Travel Bureau brand has both longevity and credibility in the Luxury Leisure market it was to key to retain the loyalty of the valued existing customers through traditional communication, whilst migrating the business to new online platforms.

Joanne’s collaborative style ensured that we fully achieved our objectives. Throughout the project she has demonstrated a real passion for the business, becoming an keen advocate and supporter for Travel Bureau.”

Jeanne Lally, Travel Bureau – Leisure

At Dolezal Consulting we can help you to identify your USP and Value Proposition, then build a solid brand around it. We’ll help you find the brand persona which will best enable your business to achieve your objectives. This means you don’t have to compromise the vision or values you hold most dear.


What is your Corporate Identity?

When it is really flying, Corporate Identity and its physical expressions – logo, taglines, slogans and tone of voice – give a sense of belonging to clients and employees alike.

This is why we developed More than a Logo with our associate, Paul Hemphill, to help you and your team get to the essence of your brand. We can work with you to tease all the core values out and understand what they mean for your future growth. They will then add substance and meaning to all your future communications.

It can be a daunting task to find the right look and feel for your brand. Together we will whittle down what’s most important to your customers. Our design associates will then create a look for you that best represents what you are all about.

“We had support from Joanne through Skillsbridge.  She contributed to shaping our thoughts around the desire to re-name our organisation (Regional Youth Works Unit) and the process we would need to undertake to make it successful (as Youth Focus)”.

Alexis Forsyth, RYWU/Youth Focus

Brand Strategy


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Co-Branded Campaigns

We also have extensive experience of co-branded projects and campaigns. We’d be happy to advise you on the best ways to develop co-branding and brand partnerships.

We can also take you through case studies and show you how to use them to increase market share.

It doesn’t matter how old or new your business is, how large or small. A clearly-defined Brand Strategy will help you to attract the right customers and colleagues at every stage of growth.

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