Blink Collective

123 is an online marketplace and community for anyone to list and buy local experiences. Badged as ‘an emporium for the curious mind’, Blink Collective offers a variety of unique paid and free experiences, that can be purchased and enjoyed by the customer or gifted to another. founder, Peter Kindness, was given seed funding to develop the beta site as part of the Ignite100 programme, prior to pursuing proof of concept funding to develop a viable and profitable business model.

For Blink Collective to identify their customers and how to reach them was vital for the business plan.

Our brief was to research relevant UK Customer Segmentation models and select Target Markets most effectively in line with overall objectives and design a Marketing Strategy to reach chosen UK market segments, prior to launch.

Joanne has been a pleasure to work with. I did not feel rushed into ‘doing business’ and as the conversations explored the problems I faced, the appropriate questions and understanding evolved and the decision to work together was easy.

Dolezal Consulting provided very insightful research to support the business decisions I faced and also helped me to better understand my customer, the means to reach them and the appropriate strategy to move forward.

I look forward to working with Joanne again and seeing what gems of information will be turned up next time!

Peter KindnessFounder & CEO
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