Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd

Elizabeth Harding-Massey has always loved cooking!

Her years in the Middle East, as well as her many travels have resulted in an eclectic cuisine and educated palate. In 2011 Elisabeth decided to leave her career in education and turn her passion into a business and Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd was born.

Offering a range of catering services for small events, but facing stiff competition from well-established local competitors, the business had some steep barriers to entry. Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd needed to look at diversification into other markets and products, in order to select the best mix to meet their objectives.

Our brief was to explore the other food and drink products and services that Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd was considering offering. We were then tasked with assessing viability in terms of revenue and routes to market, and deliver the marketing and communications launch for the options chosen.

Elizabeth chose to offer a mixture of small, specialist catering services (including gluten-free buffets) and to develop a range of seasonal, original fine foods. Eliza Pepperpot Fine Foods range includes jams, preserves, chutneys, patisserie, bakery, confectionery and savoury biscuits. These are sold online via Taste Club HQ and at food fairs and discerning stockists throughout North East England.

The PR for Eliza Pepperpot’s & Co Ltd launch was managed by Deb Sharratt Communications, as was the microsite Eliza Pepperpot Fine Foods.

Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd website was built by Pulse Creative Marketing.

I have been working with Joanne for two years now, and she has been an inspiration and pleasure to work alongside. The most important thing for me was that she listened – actively listened, not an easy skill to grasp.

There was no pressure or rush to get things started it was all done in my own time. Joanne had insight into where I needed to develop the business. It was done with clarity and understanding that enabled me to see where I was going.

Although I had a business plan, it lacked a marketing strategy that Joanne delivered based on a depth of knowledge through research and hands on experience of working with other businesses overall.

She is personable and approachable with insight into the mechanisms of human behaviour, essential when establishing who your customers are and knowing what they want from a business.

Joanne is an excellent mentor for both my business and self. Long may it continue!

Liz Harding-MasseyFounder, Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd
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