A customer typically looks at 12 different things to help them make a decision, whether it’s a testimonial, a video or a review. You need to know where they go so you can make sure they find you and not your competitors.

Last time, we looked at a few different models you can use to decide how to grow and develop your business. Now it’s all about choosing your marketing tactics that will underpin your marketing strategy.

Here are some of the marketing tactics you can use

1. Print, such as brochures, sales letters and catalogues. Advertising can be found anywhere – on public transport, billboards, in newspapers and so on. Public relations, press releases and articles are also types of advertising.

2. Tradeshows are another great way of showcasing new products and a brilliant opportunity to talk to customers, find out what they like about your items and how they use them.

3. Direct marketing utilises a good database and lets you send physical or digital marketing communications to people. This needs to be targeted, segmented, well-written and guaranteed to convert.

4. Personal selling is what your sales team does, and can include telemarketing, although it’s usually face to face. It’s about building relationships, getting under the skin of customers and finding out what they want.

5. Digital marketing tactics include your website, microsite or ecommerce site, or you’re selling online via a third party. Social media, content marketing (which is great for building trust, generating leads and for search engine optimisation) pay per click (getting to the top of Google searches), email and mobile marketing and display ads on various sites are all forms of digital marketing.

You need to pick the ones that will help you reach the people you’re targeting.

You have the tools you need at your disposal or you can outsource these to people quite affordably. Some of these things take more time than others – social media only takes a few minutes, but getting an article published means waiting for a slot on an editorial calendar.

What is your marketing budget?

A lot of businesses don’t put anything aside for marketing. A good rule of thumb is 8-10% of turnover – the turnover you want to make, not what you have now. If you make this investment, you will grow your business. Think about if you can afford to do this at the moment, and where you may find the money if not.

Look out for the next post, which is all about the marketing plan!

Are you worried your marketing isn’t working right now?

If leads and enquiries are drying up, you’re not attracting the right customers or you’re not making enough profit – it’s time to investigate.

Don’t leave without checking to see if your marketing is roadworthy


Photo by Zoran Borojevic on Unsplash