Content Marketing Conquered

Do you want to grow your website traffic, generate more leads & increase conversions?

With our comprehensive online programme, you will learn how and why Content Marketing really works. This six part programme  guides you through each step, to the top.

Content Marketing Conquered includes materials and techniques that have been thoroughly road-tested by hundreds of successful content marketers.

From the first session, learn how to conquer content marketing, build your business profile online and boost your profits.

It’s time to conquer your fear of the blank page, video screen or microphone.

Content Marketing Conquered: original, highly effective and online


On our six-part course, you will learn how to increase your website traffic, attract more leads and most importantly, conversions.

You will also learn how to establish your voice as a trusted authority in your niche and grow your business – all through content marketing.

The course is fully online so you can work through each module when you want, where you want and at your own speed.

With our comprehensive online programme, you will learn how to make Content Marketing work for you.

Included in this 6 part online programme:


1.    The Destination: How to create content that reaches customers hearts, and minds

2.    Get Ready:  From ‘top of mind’ to ‘top of preference’: how to become the clear choice for customers

3.    The Inventory: How to design a Content Marketing plan that keeps you sane

4.    Research Time: How to find your customers online and where they hang out on social media

5.    The Expedition: Get inspired and create content your customers will love

6.    The Boomerang: how to get your content out, circulating and bringing customers back to you

Each programme includes materials and techniques that have been thoroughly road-tested by hundreds of successful content marketers.  There are six videos and five workbooks to help you build on your progress through the programme.

There is also a private Facebook group where you can chat with others and find fresh ideas and content every week.

Where will this online programme take you?


If you are a consultant, coach or trainer this programme will enable you to clarify what your target customers are really looking for. You will learn how to create content that speaks directly to them and holds their attention. You will develop your value proposition, be able to say what is truly unique about your skills, knowledge, experience or approach. With your content marketing plan, you will be able to create and publish a variety of content that turns ‘likes’ into ‘leads’.

If you are a business owner, you will save thousands on outsourced solutions. Whilst your business is growing, you may need to squeeze marketing in to a busy schedule or out of a tiny budget. This course will help you build your marketing layer by layer. You will improve the copy and content on your website, social media profiles and online directories. You will also learn how to ‘batch’ time for content creation and how to be super-efficient.

If you are a marketer, you’ll develop valuable skills that can help you flourish in your current role or make you a standout candidate for your next role. If you need to make a modest marketing budget stretch further, content marketing is a godsend. You can create (write, record and design) content free of charge and self-publish on your website and social media accounts, or email to your mailing list. It’s also a killer combo with SEO and PR.

If you want to develop your career in content marketing, this course will take you through the fundamentals of content marketing so you gain a level of insight clients will value. You will then build the skills you need to become a proficient and professional content marketer. This will increase your appeal to clients and agencies, along with maximising your fees.

Whatever your goal, you will learn how to establish your voice as a trusted authority in your niche and grow your business – all through content marketing.

What others say about Content Marketing Conquered

“I would definitely recommend it to others as I found it so valuable, helpful and interesting.”  Susan Reed, Director, Reed Art Holidays

“Thanks for the workbooks, and for the course. I found it really interesting and stimulating, and have been buzzing ever since.”  Julia Morrison, Director, Morrison & Mann

“Thanks Joanne – it was very refreshing to have some ‘modern’ training. I spend a lot of time with old industry trainers and it was good to be in a friendly proactive room!”  Ebba McGuigan, Marketing & Commercial Manager NEPIC

“It has been invaluable to my business. It has given me lots of ideas, I feel confident about moving forward and putting my plans into action.”  Liz Turnbull, Forever Living

“I thought the mix of teaching and exercises was excellent.”  Paddy Lavery, TotalLab

“I found Content Marketing Conquered both informative and enjoyable.  The topics were pitched at the right level for me as a beginner and I learned a lot both theoretically and practically which I am confident I can apply to our project”.   Leah Kelly, Monkey

From £327 per person 

Option 1

Content Marketing Conquered
+ Mentor

  • self-guided – maximum flexibility to suit you
  • work through the course in your preferred order
  • work through materials at your own speed
  • 6 online modules: 6 videos, 5 workbooks, 2 spreadsheets
  • private Facebook Group for support & chat
  • free resources, blogs and emails
  • lifetime access to materials
  • freedom to repeat modules as your business develops
  • start and finish any time
  • work around your other commitments


Option 2

Content Marketing Conquered + Coach

  • 6 week programme with group coaching
  • 6 online modules: 6 videos, 5 workbooks, 2 spreadsheet
  • 6 x Friday morning group ‘office hours’ Zoom session
  • personal portfolio review prior to ‘graduation’
  • private Facebook Group for support & chat
  • weekly emails
  • free resources and blogs
  • lifetime access to materials
  • option to pay in 2 monthly instalments via PayPal
  • Next group programme starts 8th November 2019


Option 3

Content Marketing Conquered + Personal Trainer

  • 6 step programme with 1-2-1 coaching throughout
  • 1-2-1 consultation: ‘situation analysis’ before starting programme
  • 6 online modules: 6 videos, 5 workbooks, 2 spreadsheets
  • 1-2-1 personal portfolio review prior to ‘graduation’
  • private Facebook Group for support & chat
  • weekly emails, free resources and blogs
  • lifetime access to materials
  • option to pay in 3 monthly instalments via PayPal


“All aspects of the course content were invaluable to me at this stage of my journey. I loved the attention to my company values and key statement, also my client profile (invaluable to my upcoming website revamp). I LOVED the ‘creating great content’ part as well”.

Pauline Brennan, Adventurous Coaching

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Frequently Answered Questions

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”   Content Marketing Institute

“Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. This information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc”  Wikipedia

I’m new to marketing – will I be able to keep up with the other the programme?

This programme is designed for anyone who wants to promote their business online using Content Marketing.  Whether you’re in a marketing role or want more customers for your own business, we will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to get started.

We will also share the strategies of successful content marketers who keep going, creating and sharing great content regularly, building trust and confidence in their marketplace.

How do I know if the price is right?

We’ve included all the materials from two full days of training, plus a content audit that may take up to one day to complete. This is a training package we sell for £1,800 – £2,350 depending on the size of the client’s organisation. You get all this for fraction of the cost.

Plus, you don’t even have to leave your office!

Why is it online?

We run regular, live content marketing workshops here in Northern England but now we want to help people – anywhere in the world – see what content marketing can do for them.

What resources will I need?

You can view the training videos on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone device.  We will send links for you to download each workbook, which you can then print and complete in your own time.

We have found that it’s better to work with pen and paper as it frees your creativity, rather than having to type neatly into little boxes.

After all, you are not filling in an application form, you’re creating a brand new strategy for your business.

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