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Content Marketing The Next Level

by Joanne Dolezal on 22nd January 2016

Are you and your team ready to take your content marketing to the next level?  Content Marketing ~ The Next Level is a one-day workshop dedicated to developing the skills you need to become an effective content marketer.

You will learn how to publish engaging, useful and effective information that will build your business, raise your profile and boost your profits.

Content Marketing The Next Level

Part 1: Morning ~ Your 8-Step Content Marketing Journey
Where to start?
Is your website doing what you need it to do? Is it driving traffic and converting your visitors into leads and ultimately into paying customers? Is it working hard for your business? Or could it be doing more?

We’ll look at the bigger picture of your business online and then drill down to the key elements of content marketing that will help you get the best and most effective results from your site.

Step-by-step support
Step 1. Is your website user friendly?
We’ll show you what to look out for and what to avoid – and show you what content your users will love.

Step 2. Is your website Google-friendly?
We’ll help you identify elements that will improve your Google search results, making sure more people can find you.

Step 3. Is your website optimised? If yes, what’s it optimised for – and why?
We’ll show you how to improve your optimisation, and create fresh, original content that will engage your visitors and work hard for you.

Step 4. Where is your online business ‘home’ – is it your website or your social media platforms?
We’ll explain why the wrong answer to this question could kill your business.

Step 5. Who are you writing for?
Does your content stand out from the crowd? We’ll show you how to develop content that’s both useful and irresistibly shareable.

Step 6. What are the different content types you can create?
Learn what to use where – and why.

Step 7. What are content outposts and why do you need them?
We’ll teach you about content outposts and pinpoint which ones will work best to build your business.

Step 8. How can you use content to demonstrate why you’re the expert who can answer your customers’ problems?
We’ll help you develop authority in your industry and build your voice online.

Part 2: Afternoon ~ Your Journey Starts Here
Session 1: Keyword Research – What is it and why is it an essential part of your business?
What are keywords – and why do they matter?
Get the ball rolling and develop your own brilliant SEO strategy.
Create a clear structure and framework for your content to make publishing simple.

Session 2: How to generate your Content Plan
Sticky content – understand what makes a post both interesting and useful to your audience
Research skills – How to find great ideas for titles and articles
Creative writing – Generate 10 titles for the content assets you’re going to create

Session 3: How to create a killer publishing plan for Content Assets and links to ‘on page’ content on your website
The vital importance of repeated and regular sharing of links in Social Media
The next value of ‘blogger outreach’ – how to make your content ‘move’.

Learn how to increase your website traffic, leads and conversions, establish your voice as an industry authority and grow your business – all through content marketing.

For more information or to find out if this workshop is ‘for you’, please call Joanne Dolezal on 07767 810 126 or email joanne@dolezalconsulting.com

This workshop can be delivered at your premises or a venue of your choosing.

This workshop is delivered by Dolezal Consulting with support from Arttia Creative and Haydn Grey.

Joanne Dolezal is an experienced marketer who has presented on Content Marketing at NECC, ISMM, Cumbria, and North East Expo events and regularly applies it to clients’ marketing – to great effect. Joanne holds an MA Marketing and teaches Digital Marketing at NESMA.

Belinda White, Arttia Creative will be on hand to answer questions on SEO and Content for the web; Katherine Wildman, Haydn Grey will guide you through the fundamentals of copywriting for online content.


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