Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing or inbound marketing helps you to educate your customers, build trust in your brand online, gain traffic to your website and other online platforms and generate leads and sales.

It is self-published content that you can create and upload to the internet to attract visitors to your website. Content types include copy, images, video or audio or variations on these.

Content (or inbound) marketing tactics include social media, blogging, micro-blogging, podcasting, webinar, video, animation, online conferences & seminars, slide-sharing, email marketing, white papers, infographics and a whole host of exciting media.

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Why You Need a New Inbound Marketing Strategy

Web 2.0 spawned a host of social media platforms and enabled the hosting of user generated content (UGC). The ability to capture, publish and share ones own ‘content’ has given the public, your potential customers, a voice, a platform and a megaphone!

It has also raised the bar on expectations – your customers will look at multiple sources online, including your website, social media, micro sites, review sites and comparison sites before you even know they’re looking.
What they seek is the ‘truth’ rather than ‘glossy ads’ and fake brands.

“I worked with Joanne and Dolezal Consulting to develop a content marketing strategy and plan for my business, and to support the implementation of the new marketing plan.Joanne is an absolute pleasure to work with. I particularly like the time and attention she gives to really understand you, your business and what you’re trying to achieve – she makes the effort to really ‘get’ you and what’s unique about your business, which allows her to perfectly tailor her advice.Her manner is calm and assured, professional and down-to-earth.”

Julie Johnson, The Success Club

Content Marketing responds to these expectations in very different ways to traditional marketing and PR, in that it is user-focused, non-selling, informative and engaging. It can become a central pillar of your Marketing Strategy.

Build Trust

It differs from traditional marketing because it’s more user-focused, than brand-led. You’re not trying to sell people your products or services yet. First, you want to to educate them, so they understand how you are different to the competition. It’s a great way to build trust and be ‘open-handed’ about what you do and how you work. In time, it will become a key strand of your Customer Communications.

Gain Online Traffic

Content marketing has many formats but blogs, social media updates, videos and podcasts, are all excellent vehicles for keyword phrases. Search engine optimisation (SEO) applies to your content as well as your website – all can be optimised for search and help you anticipate customers questions and create content that answers them.

Generate Transactions

Content marketing is a great way to differentiate your brand from others in the marketplace.  Even if you are selling the exact same products and services as other brands, you are unique. You have your own personality and core values. This is what people most remember about you, and it’s why they come back to you, not because you were cheaper or faster.


Grab your FREE eBook – Content Marketing in 6 Easy Steps


Content Marketing


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How We Maximise Your Content Marketing

In-house Workshops: The content ‘assets’ may be inside your employees – especially in a service or consultancy business. We have a range of programmes designed to get everyone contributing to your content generation.

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