Digital Strategy & Website Project Management

Website Project Management

Your website sits at the heart of your digital strategy.

It is your content hub, shop window, credentials check and online reputation all in one. It needs regular attention, fresh content, updates and edits if it is to stay relevant to customers… AND Google.

Dolezal Consulting works with a team of highly accomplished web developers, graphic designers and copywriters. Your website development needs project management, otherwise you will be diverted from running your business and serving your customers.

We take all the pain out of commissioning and building a new website, or giving your current website a thorough ‘once over’ to bring copy, content and SEO up to the minute.

After all, Google is constantly updating its algorithms (lengthy strings of code that manage search results) so your website can soon become out of date, or slip down the search results (rankings).

We’ve been commissioning and developing websites since 1993 across all sectors, sizes and audiences so let us save you time, money and frustration.

“We now have a web presence that truly reflects the quality of our service, have a greater understanding of what our customers value, a branded suite of marketing materials and our segmented database allows us to engage more frequently with our customers, more importantly with relevant information/updates”.

Anne Bromley, Travel Bureau – Corporate

As project manager, we are acting ‘architect‘ of the build, making sure that your website serves your business goals and marketing strategy well into the future.

Key things to consider before you start your next website project:

  • what is the main purpose of your website: credentials, e-commerce or customer service?
  • what is your budget for design, build and SEO?
  • how are you going to measure the impact of your new website?
  • how quickly do you need it to go live?
  • what is the promotion plan to drive traffic to your website?

Digital Strategy

You’ll need to invest some money and time in promoting your beautiful new website, preferably offline as well as online.

Websites, like new businesses, need to be launched AND promoted so we build robust Search Engine Optimisation into all our projects.

We are expert in Content Marketing so can propose a number of FREE tactics to drive traffic to your website.  Content Marketing tactics include blogs, webinars, video, white papers, eBooks and downloadable content – for traffic and data capture.

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Content Marketing also includes Social Media and Email Marketing. We can help you design your strategy, develop a detailed Digital Marketing Plan and show how you to do it in-house. Please visit our Courses page for details of our open workshops.

“I have worked with Joanne over the past few months, creating and implementing a solid marketing strategy – in particular, content marketing.

Joanne has in-depth knowledge of current marketing methods and strategies, and has an amazing ability to explain and guide a “non-marketing” person through the process.

Tiana Wilson-Buys, Talking Business

You may want to manage your online presence yourself. We’ll happily show you around the Content Management System and provide technical backup if needed.

You may prefer to outsource digital marketing. We will recommend experts from our small network of trusted associates. These include SEO, Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Online PR and Social Media to maximise brand awareness and traffic (customers) to your website. The Top 21 Marketing Essentials eBook is full of great ideas.

Digital Strategy


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We’ve worked collectively on dozens of website development projects, and will create a site that reflects your brand and message without breaking the bank.

What if you already have a website…


Digital Marketing Plan

Chances are it’s lovely and brings in so much business you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

When that isn’t the case and you’d like an expert opinion we offer:

Website Review to see how well it’s performing

Redesign “from new curtains to a conservatory on the back”

Web Copy that conveys your messages, gets you to the top of Google but isn’t total ‘twaddle’

Website Conversion Research that tracks the customer journey across your website, advising you how to improve conversions on key pages

We are happy to work with your current website development team on improvements to your site, or introduce you to our associates.

Project management, for you and the website team, allows you to work closely with them on every aspect of your website refresh, but not get bogged down in all the technical bits.

Websites are a key investment for all businesses and central to your digital strategy. You want to be sure it is working as hard as possible for you. We will show you how to track and measure your website (Google Analytics) and determine the ROI of your investment.

When you are ready, please get in touch.

We offer a FREE 2 hour consultation – a depth interview that gives you time to share your plans, obstacles and goals.

All our recommendations are tailored just for you.

Working with Your Marketing Team – Mentor, Coach & Trainer

Are you a marketing manager who is keen to develop your brand online, but need help?

Or a commercial, sales or business development director who manages the marketing team?

Joanne Dolezal regularly works with in-house marketing teams who need to review and improve marketing in a number of ways. Whether as marketing mentor, coach or trainer, I will help you develop in every way.

Please take a look at our Marketing Mentor, Coach & Trainer page for more details.

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