Email Marketing is More Than Just Your Newsletter

When it comes to getting your email marketing RITE, I is for Interesting. If we fail to make our reader curious, we sometimes need to shake things up a little.

Variety is the spice of life so why not experiment with different types of email campaigns. Email marketing is more than just your newsletter.

So, which of these formats could you be using?


Many organisations send out newsletters, often like a newspaper with a variety of topics and themes.

A newsletter can be sent monthly or quarterly and doesn’t bombard your mailing list. With a selection of core content, it should be relevant to most of the people on your mailing lists, regardless of where they are in your sales funnel.

Digest Newsletter

A digest newsletter is slightly different in that it will draw on content from a variety of sources. Brain Pickings, for example, is a weekly email with high-quality, well-researched content which is also enjoyable to read. The author has been able to monetise it – readers pay to subscribe or donate, which is an interesting format. This is quite a highbrow publication, covering literature, arts and world affairs, but I’ve seen it work well in a variety of industries.

You could produce a digest for your industry or sector. You could be the ‘curator’, pulling together a variety of interesting news items that are of relevance to your readers.

Dedicated Email

A dedicated email is a campaign that is created to get the reader to do something specific. It will have a clear call to action, perhaps a seasonal offer if that’s appropriate, and a great subject line. Paperchase does these very well.

Lead Nurturing

This is where you send a series of emails daily, weekly or at set intervals with the aim of on-boarding the recipient gradually. This can showcase the products and services you offer, or explain your way of thinking or working. There should be a clear benefit to the reader, something they file away to refer to again and again.

You could offer people a mini course in what you do and show your expertise (without giving too much away).

With a wide variety of formats you can make your campaigns more interesting, tailored to your buyer personas.

Next we are going to look at how RITE applies to your email marketing, specifically Timing and Engagement.