How to get your Email Marketing RITE Video

Email marketing still gives the best ROI for your marketing spend at 40:1.

But it isn’t always plain sailing.

Even when you’ve picked your Email Marketing Software (EMS) and your mailing lists are set up, you still need to plan what you’re going to write.

In this video we show you new ways to get your email marketing RITE, based on our extensive experience helping clients with content marketing consultancy in Newcastle and North East England.

We want to be able to help business owners and marketers like you who are looking for a digital marketing consultant or sound advice, anywhere in the world.

What does RITE stand for? 

Well, for your email marketing and in fact, any content marketing to be successful, it needs to appeal to your target customer.  If you don’t have customer insight, you’ll struggle to create copy and content that means anything to them.  So, your content needs to Relevant, Interesting, Timely and the all important Engaging. (Thanks to Mark Schaefer for RITE).

There are many different types of email campaign that you can send, so if you’ve run out of steam and need some inspiration we have loads of ideas for you.

In this video we take you through:

  • crafting killer subject lines
  • how to generate great content ideas
  • examples of different types of campaigns
  • B2B versus B2C mailing lists
  • how and when to personalise your campaigns by using merge tags
  • why it is important for your templates to be mobile friendly

Check out the blog series that accompanies this video.

Questions answered include:

  1. do you have any tips on writing subject lines that will catch peoples’ attention?
  2. is it okay to sell my products or services via email?
  3. I struggle to come up with ideas for things to include in my emails – do you have any tips?
  4. how can we create simple email content for complex services?

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