How to Get Your Email Marketing RITE

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can use.

The average return on investment for every pound you spend on email marketing is £40 or more, so you can see why it’s worthwhile.

That’s why in this series of articles we’ll look at why it’s important to understand how to get your email marketing RITE and what it means for your email campaigns.

What is RITE?

It’s a term coined by Mark Schaefer and relates to content marketing. It’s like a check-list and reminds us that content should be

  1. Relevant
  2. Interesting
  3. Timely
  4. Engaging

Content marketing is a means of self-publishing to the web which can be text, graphics, audio, video or photos. Content marketing is both user- and consumer-focused and is perfect for building trust, educating and developing a connection with people who will eventually buy from you. It’s a great way to build awareness and brand affinity, as well as supporting customer retention, so can be used in the early, top of the funnel stage and after-sales retention.

Inbound marketing funnel

We face increasing competition in readers’ inboxes now: creative, fun campaigns, great copywriting, beautiful templates and eye-catching graphics.

This has raised the bar.

Our own expectations are higher now as customers.

So our customers will expect more from us too.


inbound marketing funnel
inbound marketing funnel is made up of ToFu, MoFu and BoFu

















Use RITE to ‘quality check’ your email messages

There are four main things to focus on when you’re planning and creating the content of your email campaigns.

Make sure the content relevant to the reader and not just to you. Remember, your reader will want to know WIIFM – what’s in it for me?

If you develop your customer insight from talking to customers or prospects, conducting market research or developing buyer personas – you will understand the goals and challenges and can deliver email campaigns that are written for (to) them.

Make sure they are interesting by using a variety of different styles, types of email campaigns and focused on the topics your reader will want to learn more about.

Make sure your email campaigns are timely, reaching your readers at the right time for them. This could be time of day, day of week. It could be right time in their customer or buyer journey.

Just because someone has not bought from you yet it doesn’t mean that they never will. It just means that your message needs to reach them at the right time.

Last but not least, make your campaigns as engaging as possible. You want to get as close as possible to your audience, so that they enjoy receiving your emails, make time to read them and stay on your list and follow up on everything you want them to.

Why not start here

We’ve all received dull newsletters from businesses, full of their own news but not apparently interested in us. They’re telling us about an award they’ve won, a sports team they’ve sponsored and so on. It can feel like a one-sided conversation.

While there’s no law against sharing your company’s news, it can be a bit of a turn off.

If it doesn’t have any clear benefit to your reader, how is it relevant to them?

What’s in it for them?

So, how could you translate news of your award win, new product launch, newest team member or client story into a benefit to your target customers?

Next we’ll look at how to make your emails relevant to your audience and explain a great way to start – with your subject line.

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