Introduction to Content Marketing

by Joanne Dolezal on 17th May 2017

Introduction to Content Marketing is a highly interactive half-day workshop designed to kick-start your Content Marketing journey.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to blogging or have made a few false starts with a webinar, learn how to get the ‘Content’ habit.

Content Marketing is fast becoming an essential skill for any business and with recent changes in Google, the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ are you going to start creating your own assets like blogs, webinars and infographics to grow your business and boost your profit with ease.

Included in this fun, interactive half-day workshop:

  • how each type of content works to promote you and your business
  • buyer personas v. customer segmentation
  • learn your perfect ‘blogger’ type
  • techniques to help you get comfortable with creating content
  • different ways to use podcasts, webinars and video to promote your brand
  • how to generate great content ideas every day
  • how to manage customer data in view of GDPR  

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have gained a clear understanding of how Content Marketing works and how to start using it to build your business – and boost your profits. Immediately!

Investment: £ 125.00 per person + VAT

Where:  NESMA, 19 Lansdowne Terrace, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1HP

Book Online: NESMA

Current dates planned:

Tuesday 30th April 2019

For more information or to find out if this workshop is ‘for you’, please email

Joanne DolezalIntroduction to Content Marketing