Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Market Research

When it comes to market research businesses have a lot to learn.

We are bombarded daily with information and keeping abreast of it all is a constant challenge. But when it comes to marketing, the one aspect of your business you need to know intimately is your customers.

Without our customers, we are literally nothing.

Whilst your business is growing and you are in close contact with your customers, you can still talk to them directly and informally.

Online polls and surveys are an excellent way to gather feedback from the various stakeholders in your business: customers, competitors, suppliers and your market intermediaries.

This format allows you to hone your questions and nail down the areas where your business needs work.

“Jo has been tremendously helpful to us, guiding us through the best way of surveying lapsed and current clients.

We are good at attracting new clients but have a significant drop-off rate so Jo’s help has been very useful in enabling us to dispel some myths and address key issues.

This has led to further development work surveying our current clients leading to improved communication and service”.

Anne Brown, Stepney Bank Stables

Market research is essential to business planning if you want to make informed choices. We are experienced in customer surveys, focus groups, depth interviews, stakeholder analysis and research design as well as desk-based research. Our competitor analysis service helps clients clarify market positioning and strategy.

We can advise on software, the research brief, questionnaire design, data cleansing and analysis tools and help you get the answers you need to do the very best for your customers.

What is the Best Market Research?

Surveys are all well and good for existing customers, but when you are exploring new markets and potential customers, you will need Market Research.

Market Research provides important information allowing you to identify and analyse the market need, market size and competition.

Understanding Customer Behaviour may seem like a dark art, but there are sound methods to get under the skin of even the youngest consumers, whether through observation, focus groups or polls and surveys.

“Dolezal Consulting provided very insightful research to support the business decisions I faced and also helped me to better understand my customer, the means to reach them and the appropriate strategy to move forward.

I look forward to working with Joanne again and seeing what gems of information will be turned up next time!”

Peter Kindness, Blink Collective

If instead you want to learn more about the way existing customers are responding to your brand and marketing initiatives, Marketing Research will tell you what’s working, how and why, so you can learn for the future.

The secret to really useful research lies in our ability ask the right questions, analyse the data thoroughly and share the findings with You, the client, in a meaningful way.

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Market Research


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Competitor Analysis

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a long time, your micro environment is a pretty dynamic place.

Customers and suppliers come and go; competitors are up one day, down the next; strategic partners may not last the course.

But the ones we often take our eye off are competitors.

If you want to understand how you differ from them – and help your customers see the difference – you are going to need to take a closer look.

But one thing is certain: Market Research is a key factor in gaining an advantage over your competitors. And forewarned, is forearmed.

Why not let us do it for you? We’ve been analysing competitors for over a decade and we know what the most important factors are.


“Black and Banton Occupational and Physical Health limited have been working closely with Joanne at Dolezal Consulting… in relation to our Marketing & Communications practices.

The work involved a full Audit of all marketing materials, communications, and documentation to enable us to develop a streamlined set of documentation both electronic and physical for our clients.

This was followed by a thorough Competitor Benchmarking study to asses our market position.

Joanne quickly delivered the work, which resulted in a much better understanding of our corporate image across all media, and we look forward to expanding our work in the near future”.

Paul Atkinson, Black & Banton