Your Marketing MOT

Are you worried your marketing isn’t working right now?

If leads and enquiries are drying up, you’re not attracting the right customers or you’re not making enough profit – it’s time to investigate.

Check to see if your marketing is roadworthy

Your Marketing MOT will clarify what needs attention and how you can fix it now.

If you think you know where the problems lie but want to be certain, our Marketing MOT will clarify what needs attention and how you can fix it, now.

Common problems you may sometimes face include:

  • Something has changed in your market place and you don’t really know what, or why
  • You are not sure how to make people (potential customers) aware of what you make or do.
  • You need new customers for your products or services but don’t know where to find them.
  • You’re not sure what the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan is – or what you need right now.
  • Should you buy this expensive advertising campaign, website, software, etc.?

When you know how marketing works for your business, your customers and your products or services, even the big decisions become easier.

Resources are always in short supply.  Give your business a timely Marketing MOT, get clear on how marketing works and what you need to adjust to improve overall performance.

I am now thoroughly enjoying putting my entire Marketing Plan through an Annual M.O.T.

If you are wondering why everything doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders, and you seem to be putting plenty of fuel into it, then try the Marketing MOT.

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This is fantastic Joanne – love the MOT, the content is strong, useful and easy to read.
Just signed up for the Webinar!

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