Master Social Media for Content Marketing Success

The Seven Habits of Successful Content Marketers

In this series, we’ve looked at why you need to be efficient,  how to develop and implement your content marketing plan. This time, we focus on social media and how to get all your fantastic content ‘out there…’

Habit #4: Master Social Media

You need to master social media, because as a content marketer it will be your distribution channel as well as your communication channel.

Unless, you’re planning to pay for print, radio or TV ads, you’ve got to get your brand, products and services in front of peoples’ eyes in some way. Social media is the obvious way to do that.

Twitter has long been ‘top of the pops’ in social media terms, not just because every industry and sector is there, but also every topic of conversation, all over the world. People are ‘talking’ about what matters to them, and the barriers to entry and surprisingly, connection, are really low. It’s easy to connect with people on the topics and themes that you all care about.

Master Twitter, then be selective about the other channels you use.

Businesses who sell to other businesses should have a presence on Facebook, but you’re less likely to find your marketplace there. Facebook works for brands that are ‘conversational’, i.e. people enjoy talking about you. Likewise, if you’re a business who sells to consumers, LinkedIn is less likely to connect you with potential customers. Again, have a presence, and share your company news.

In the middle is YouTube, and it’s use is universal. From its early beginnings, it has become our film and TV archive, our entertainment hub, and where we go to educate ourselves. It is owned by Google, offers the full range of SEO tools and benefits that Google enables. It also accommodates almost any kind of ‘footage’.

Instagram and Snapchat are the least user-friendly for marketers in terms of scheduling content.

Social media, especially Twitter, is fun as well as being the place where world news often breaks nowadays. It’s the “second screen”, which interacts with the TV and radio shows we consume. We are increasingly encouraged to engage with them via social media, after all.

And for some companies, it’s where you’ll deal with customer enquiries, feedback and complaints.

You will use it to publicise and share content you’ve created and published on your website or other third party sites. You’ll use social media to communicate, and have real 1-2-1 interaction with your customers and connections, as well as all those strangers you’ve yet to ‘meet’.

What are the Seven Habits of Successful Content Marketers? Tips and real examples from people who’ve inspired us over the last five years. They demonstrate, by using Content Marketing, how it has worked for the businesses they run.

What are the “Seven Habits of Successful Content Marketers”?

Tips and real examples from people who’ve inspired me over the last five years. They demonstrate, by using Content Marketing, how it has worked for the businesses they run.

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