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Social Media – To Pay or Not to Pay Video

by Joanne Dolezal on 7th April 2017

Every day there are more and more social media channels… and more ways to reach your customers with paid and unpaid social media tools.

The days of free social media reach will soon be over, BUT where and when to pay for ‘reach’ is the question. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter all offer sophisticated targeting tools and you can potentially reach out to millions of people at a time. YouTube taps in to the Google advertising platform so has a powerful search marketing function.

You can achieve a lot without spending money but at some point, you may want to tap into the potential the paid features to achieve your goals:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Retention

In this video we take you through the pros and cons of social media advertising. We will share our experience of when it can be worth it… and when to stick with the free tools.

We want to be able to help business owners and marketers like you who are looking for a digital marketing consultant or sound advice, anywhere in the world.

In this video we take you through:

  • Should you ever pay for Social Media?
  • To Pay or Not to Pay for Facebook Advertising – Part 1 & Part 2
  • The Pros and Cons of Twitter Advertising
  • Linked In Paid Features and When to Use Them
  • The Power of YouTube Adverts versus Free SEO Tools
  • Top Tips for Creating Social Media Adverts

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Questions answered included:

  1. Why do you have to set objectives in ad campaigns?
  2. How effective are paid Ads on Facebook?
  3. How do Twitter Cards work?
  4. Which platforms allow you to target by location?
  5. Are ‘one-off’ ads ever worth it?
  6. Are Linked In ads value for money?

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Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Joanne DolezalSocial Media – To Pay or Not to Pay Video