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Why your Sales Team holds the key to Content Marketing Video

by Joanne Dolezal on 15th January 2017

Sales and content marketing? What do the sales team have to do with content marketing? Or customer services? Or your service and site engineers, for that matter?

Your marketing team may have the customer data you need to market to the people on your database. But do they have the real customer insights you need to get results?

Content Marketing is most effective when it gets inside your customer’s head, speaks to their wants and needs and nestles closely to their heart. But for sales to occur, content marketing needs to attract and nurture your target customers.

Welcome to your sales team.  Your sales team hold the key to your content marketing.

Your sales team knows what your customers want.


Because they’re on the front line when it comes to the problems customers face, to the questions they ask – and they know the actual language that’s used when your customers describe their issues.

But how do you get everyone around the table and translate the sales’ teams insight into compelling content marketing?

This video will show you how to tap into this customer expertise and create Content Marketing your customers will love.

We want to be able to help business owners and marketers like you who are looking for a digital marketing consultant or sound advice, anywhere in the world.

In this video we take you through:

Check out the blog series that accompanies this video.

Questions answered included:

  1. our Sales team knows what the customer wants NOW but our Marketing team are working months in advance – how do you bring the two together?
  2. how do you make sure that we are consistent as a brand in all forms of communication so as to avoid confusing the customer?
  3. our marketing team are focused on building our brand, our sales team want leads and enquiries right now. How do we achieve both?
  4. if we can’t our sales and marketing staff to cooperate on other things, how will we ever get them working together on content marketing?
  5. what is the ROI of content marketing?
  6. how long does it take for sales to increase from content marketing?

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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Joanne DolezalWhy your Sales Team holds the key to Content Marketing Video

Northern Secrets Ltd.

by Joanne Dolezal on 5th April 2014

Northern Secrets Ltd. was founded by Alex Jacobs in 2007 to serve incoming groups to North East England.  Alex was the youngest person to ever qualify as a Blue Badge Guide and along with a Tourism Marketing degree and hands on experience in the hotel industry, is well-placed to understand and serve this market.

Alex is half-German, half-Geordie and Northern Secrets ALSO has a major client based in Germany and Northern Europe.

The agency has grown from strength-to-strength over the past few years and needed an enhanced web presence and communications tools to support the next stage of expansion.  It was essential that all software and communications tools could be managed in-house and ideally, from anywhere, as Alex travels regularly on business.

Our brief was to help Northern Secrets rationalise and streamline customer communications and CRM, source a web developer/designer, support the website development, ensure integration and ‘user-friendliness’ of all software platforms and web-based tools with any offline marketing.

The project included Database Cleansing and Segmentation, selection of communications and CRM software, CRM and e-communications set-up and ‘launch’, new website with CMS (WordPress) and refreshed brand, and a comprehensive Marketing Strategy and Plan.

The brand refresh, new bi-lingual website design and build were provided by Arttia Creative.

Northern Secrets Ltd., Clavering House, Clavering Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3NG

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Joanne DolezalNorthern Secrets Ltd.

5 Steps to Improve your Marketing for 2014

by Joanne Dolezal on 20th October 2013

Event Date:  Tuesday 5th November 2013       10:00 – 12:00

Event Venue:  ‘Let’s Mingle’, The Beacon, Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE4 9PQ

Looking to meet new connections to improve your business?

The ‘Let’s Mingle’ Business Coffee Morning is a very relaxed and informal way of meeting local business-men and -women who are from the North East and it’s free to attend!

Our talk, “5 Steps to Improve your Marketing for 2014” will look at tactical, effective action you can take to get your business ‘known, liked and trusted’ so you can deliver more the great products and services you offer.

For more information, follow this link


“It was really good,  it was light and what people needed.

Thank you very much in helping us to make this an enjoyable group experience.”

Cal Saul, Let’s Mingle

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Joanne Dolezal5 Steps to Improve your Marketing for 2014