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Content Marketing and the Journey from Customer Segmentation to Buyer Personas

by Joanne Dolezal on 22nd March 2018

Whether you call them buyer personas (or personae) or customer avatars, it’s never too late to develop them. If you work in marketing or closely with marketing colleagues you will know that the way we group our customers together (segmentation) and choose who to market to (targeting) has changed. Content Marketing has taken us on a journey: from customer segmentation models, marketing to easily defined ‘groups’ of customers to developing buyer personas. We have gone from mass communication to a more personal, visceral understanding of what our customers really want to know.

Marketing has changed.


Customer profiling used to rely upon historical data, past purchase, demographics (age, gender, occupation, etc) and psychographics (values, attitudes, lifestyles, etc).

Then along came social media. At last, we could not only speak to people directly online, but also hear what they had to say about us. And everything else.

Gradually, the old ways of segmenting and targeting are being replaced by a new kind of customer profile.

From Segmentation…

Old style database building depended on contact data. This was often the starting point, whether it was the business cards you’d collected or a database you’d bought. You will probably have added in customer data and prospect – people who’ve made an enquiry.

You may have first and last name and email address, possibly with other contact details. You may also have some sales data on them and an idea of what their role is within the business.

But is that it?

You can’t create engaging content for your customers if you don’t know anything about them.

You can’t talk to your customers as real people if you just have them as a nameless group on your database, i.e. “lead”, “suspect”, “prospect”. It’s not personal enough.

The customer data businesses have is not the same as customer insight.

… to Buyer Personas

Sometimes called avatars, or customer avatars, buyer personas help us to move beyond broad brush assumptions about our customers or potential customers to something more relevant.

Relevant to them, that is.

And much more personal.

What we’ve learned about our customers is that, surprise surprise, they’re people. Individuals. Complex, quirky and highly unique. In fact, just like us!

How do you get closer to your customer and create great content, web pages and sales materials they will love?

“Customer data is NOT customer insight!”

Your customer’s journey is changing too.

Recent research shows that potential customers are looking at 12 or more sources of information before making a new purchase online. If they’ve never bought that type of thing online before, or more importantly, they’ve never bought online from you before, they want a lot more information. And reassurance.


That’s a lot more marketing.

If you want (and need) to show up in all these different places, a website and a few leaflets just don’t cut it anymore.

Businesses need to be more active in creating a variety of content. And you need to appeal to different consumption patterns, as well as different learning styles across:

word, pictures, film & sound

With blogging, videos, infographics, email marketing, podcasts and other forms of content, along with a more strategic use of social media, you will succeed in providing good quality information at each stage of your customer’s journey.

What does your customer’s journey look like?

You don’t know when your customer is going to move on to the next stage in their decision making. You have to be there, whenever they are ready. You now have more, many more places to share links to the content on your website, including information about your products and services.

Curation, creation and the 80:20 rule

Remember, sharing other people’s content is really valuable too. Collate and share thoughtfully and you will help your customer find the best solution for them. You will also position your brand very clearly in the mind: they will know what you care about.

Your sales, customer services and services teams may have insights that you, the marketer, don’t have.

 Content Marketing is the bridge between sales and marketing.

We’ll be looking at how to involve the sales team more in your content marketing in this series of blogs.

What key insights can marketers learn from the sales team?

It’s not easy to get sales and marketing working in harmony but we share tips and real life examples from the sales and marketing teams we’ve worked with – saving you time, money and heartache.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Why tour Sales Team holds the key to Content Marketing. Why not check out the other blogs in the series:

Or if video is your preferred content type, click here to view the recording.

Our new online programme Content Marketing Conquered is designed with you in mind. Based on our successful workshop programme and latest strategies, we guide you to the top in 6 easy steps.

Don’t leave without grabbing your free eBook.


Photo by Israel Egío on Unsplash
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Joanne DolezalContent Marketing and the Journey from Customer Segmentation to Buyer Personas

Why your Sales Team holds the key to Content Marketing Video

by Joanne Dolezal on 15th January 2017

Sales and content marketing? What do the sales team have to do with content marketing? Or customer services? Or your service and site engineers, for that matter?

Your marketing team may have the customer data you need to market to the people on your database. But do they have the real customer insights you need to get results?

Content Marketing is most effective when it gets inside your customer’s head, speaks to their wants and needs and nestles closely to their heart. But for sales to occur, content marketing needs to attract and nurture your target customers.

Welcome to your sales team.  Your sales team hold the key to your content marketing.

Your sales team knows what your customers want.


Because they’re on the front line when it comes to the problems customers face, to the questions they ask – and they know the actual language that’s used when your customers describe their issues.

But how do you get everyone around the table and translate the sales’ teams insight into compelling content marketing?

This video will show you how to tap into this customer expertise and create Content Marketing your customers will love.

We want to be able to help business owners and marketers like you who are looking for a digital marketing consultant or sound advice, anywhere in the world.

In this video we take you through:

Check out the blog series that accompanies this video.

Questions answered included:

  1. our Sales team knows what the customer wants NOW but our Marketing team are working months in advance – how do you bring the two together?
  2. how do you make sure that we are consistent as a brand in all forms of communication so as to avoid confusing the customer?
  3. our marketing team are focused on building our brand, our sales team want leads and enquiries right now. How do we achieve both?
  4. if we can’t our sales and marketing staff to cooperate on other things, how will we ever get them working together on content marketing?
  5. what is the ROI of content marketing?
  6. how long does it take for sales to increase from content marketing?

If you enjoy our video “Why your Sales Team hold the key to Content Marketing” why not download your free guide:

“Top 10 Questions for Your Sales Team”

Look our for our online courses, starting Spring 2018. 

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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Joanne DolezalWhy your Sales Team holds the key to Content Marketing Video

How to get your Email Marketing RITE Video

by Joanne Dolezal on 22nd April 2016

Email marketing still gives the best ROI for your marketing spend at 40:1.

But it isn’t always plain sailing.

Even when you’ve picked your Email Marketing Software (EMS) and your mailing lists are set up, you still need to plan what you’re going to write.

In this video we show you new ways to get your email marketing RITE, based on our extensive experience helping clients with content marketing consultancy in Newcastle and North East England.

We want to be able to help business owners and marketers like you who are looking for a digital marketing consultant or sound advice, anywhere in the world.

What does RITE stand for? 

Well, for your email marketing and in fact, any content marketing to be successful, it needs to appeal to your target customer.  If you don’t have customer insight, you’ll struggle to create copy and content that means anything to them.  So, your content needs to Relevant, Interesting, Timely and the all important Engaging. (Thanks to Mark Schaefer for RITE).

There are many different types of email campaign that you can send, so if you’ve run out of steam and need some inspiration we have loads of ideas for you.

In this video we take you through:

  • crafting killer subject lines
  • how to generate great content ideas
  • examples of different types of campaigns
  • B2B versus B2C mailing lists
  • how and when to personalise your campaigns by using merge tags
  • why it is important for your templates to be mobile friendly

Check out the blog series that accompanies this video.

Questions answered include:

  1. do you have any tips on writing subject lines that will catch peoples’ attention?
  2. is it okay to sell my products or services via email?
  3. I struggle to come up with ideas for things to include in my emails – do you have any tips?
  4. how can we create simple email content for complex services?

If you enjoy our video, “How to Get Your Email Marketing RITE” why not download our free guide:

The RITE Email Marketing Checklist

Look our for our online courses, starting Spring 2018. 

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Joanne DolezalHow to get your Email Marketing RITE Video

Marketing Automation – are you ready for it?

by Joanne Dolezal on 15th April 2016

Are you ready for marketing automation?

The ability to automate (and schedule) your marketing communications activities, including email marketing and social media updates, can save you a lot of time.

It enables you to attract prospects (visitors) to your website and then guide them through the sales pipeline, with a set of prompts or messages designed to convert them.

Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, DotMailer, Infusionsoft et al are highly sophisticated marketing automation platforms and whilst I respect and admire the brilliant brains behind them, many businesses just aren’t ready for them (and may never be).

“You see, it’s a bit like giving a ten year old, who loves driving their go-cart, the keys to a Lamborghini and seeing if they’d like to take it for a spin up the Autobahn.”

Unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll never even get it off the driveway and out of first gear. And as with almost all software (and hardware) purchases.  Most of us will only use a fraction of the capabilities at our finger tips and end up wasting money.

What these software platforms have done beautifully though, is to practice what they preach. The internet is now awash with selling messages (in one guise or another) extolling the benefits of marketing automation.  The pressure to buy is definitely on.

What can they teach us?

  •  lead by example – using their own software platforms to publish original content
  • educate us, their market place, with free guides and content marketing (HubSpot excel in this area)
  • demonstrate the breadth and diversity of content formats
  • demonstrate the platforms that selling messages can be published to
  • create a sense of urgency (FOMO) – we don’t want to be left behind

So how do you know if you are NOT ready?

1. You don’t have any or enough contact data (thousands and thousands) so you can’t email or text prospects easily

2. You don’t have enough customer data so are shooting in the dark. Customer data tells you what customers buy, when they buy it, how and where (online, face-to-face, through a third-party). It also tells you why. Why it, why you.

3. You don’t have a product or service that can be scaled quickly and easily to the levels that would warrant an investment of £600 plus per month just on marketing automation software. Graphic design and copywriting could easily double or treble that figure.

3. You don’t know enough about the people on your mailing lists to know what you have, that they might want.  Customer insight takes time to build and will need the input of every customer facing team.  Your sales team will need to be involved in shaping content.

4. You don’t have the internal resources (people, time, money, know-how) to get it started, let alone keep it going. Even the best agency will need your time, ideas and input to do a good job for you.

5. You’re not ready to apply a content or inbound marketing strategy to your business and/or give it the necessary time (typically 6 – 9 months) to start taking effect.  Our Content Marketing courses cover: strategy, OVP, Buyer Personas, SEO, content generation, publishing and amplification.

6. You don’t plan to grow your business above a certain size in terms of turnover or personnel – and that’s absolutely fine.

So, is Marketing Automation only for the “big boys”?


You can definitely start small, with automated email sequences, fantastic for onboarding new subscribers, customers or service users.  It’s also a powerful lead generation tool for MOFU (middle of funnel) and will be available on most paid email marketing platforms.  MailChimp has a great Automation function.

We use this at Dolezal Consulting and have helped a number of clients set up their content marketing and automation streams.  We’re not an agency or a software reseller, so can offer impartial advice and consultancy.

We are always happy to talk to you about your current and future business plans. and would love to help you explore all that marketing can do for you.


Photo by Freddie Marriage on Unsplash

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Joanne DolezalMarketing Automation – are you ready for it?

Content Marketing ~ Conquered

by Joanne Dolezal on 8th July 2014

Event Date:     Friday 6th February 2015, 9.00 – 3.00

Event Venue:  NESMA, 19 Lansdowne Terrace, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1HP

Content Marketing is fast becoming an essential skill for any business and with recent changes in Google, the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ are you going to start.

Content Marketing ~ Conquered is a highly interactive half-day workshop designed to kick-start your Content Marketing journey.  Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have made a few false starts, learn how to get the ‘Content’ habit.

You will learn:

  1. why Content Marketing is now essential for your business
  2. how to create great content that works
  3. what Content Marketing can do for your website traffic, clicks and sales

Included in this 6 hour session:

  • the different types of content for B2B and B2C marketing
  • how each type of content works to promote you and your business
  • buyer personas v. customer segmentation
  • how to find your perfect ‘blogger’ type and get comfortable with creating content
  • essential copywriting skills – Expert Q&A (see below)
  • how to define your online value proposition or USP
  • how to use podcasts, webinars and video to promote your brand
  • Content Marketing for SEO – Expert Q&A (see below)
  • when to ‘buy in’ and when to ‘DIY’ content
  • ‘Paid, Owned and Earned’ Media – where to invest time and money
  • best content for different Social Media and Mobile Marketing
  • how to generate great content ideas every day

By the end of the workshop, you will have gained a clear understanding of how Content Marketing works and how to apply to your business immediately.

Investment: £125.00 per person

Members of NECC, ISMM or CIM: £110.00 per person

Current and past clients: £ 95.00 per person

Where:  NESMA, 19 Lansdowne Terrace, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1HP

For more information or to find out if this workshop is ‘for you’, please call Joanne Dolezal on 07767 810 126 or email

This workshop will be delivered by Dolezal Consulting with support from Arttia Creative and Haydn Grey.

Joanne Dolezal is an experienced marketer who has presented on Content Marketing at NECC, ISMM, Cumbria and North East Expo events and regularly applies it to clients’ marketing – to great effect.


OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF THE BLANK PAGE  Katherine Wildman, Haydn Grey will guide you through the art of copywriting for the web.

Blogging has evolved into an enjoyable way to engage your audience and build your business.
With this workshop you’ll learn how to generate the ideas you need to build a solid and effective online presence – and how best to present them.

ARE YOU SEARCH FRIENDLY?  Belinda White, Arttia Creative will answer your questions on SEO.

The world of SEO is complex, my aim is to help you to understand some of the basics, if not more. If your site cannot be found by the search engines or your content cannot be put into their databases, you could be missing out on incredible opportunities. With a small amount of knowledge you can make a big difference in making your website rank well.




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Joanne DolezalContent Marketing ~ Conquered