Warning: Buyer Personas May Make Your Email Marketing Hard to Resist

Some purchases are a pleasure. Choosing gifts for a loved one, buying new shoes (for you), planning your honeymoon.

Others, not so much.

Replacing your broken washing machine, insurance (of any kind), utilities, broadband, mobile phones. Some are ‘necessary evils’, others are distress purchases, but the more you can understand your customer’s goals, the better. Identifying your buyer personas and goals may make your email marketing hard to resist for your customers. This advice should come with a warning label!

Believe it or not, though, we all have different goals for each thing we buy.

This will also help you to identify:

  1. How can you understand their mindset and help them to achieve their goal/s?
  2. What’s unique about your business and the way you offer your services?
  3. How can you best serve them, and do so differently to anyone else?

Every organisation has its own buyer personas.

I’ve worked with clients who had 2 and others who could easily idenntify 12.

Based on what they’re trying to achieve, the problems they’re facing or where they are in the buyer journey, they will need different messages (and information) from you.

Not every buyer persona will get its own campaigns, but this research will help you to identify the factors that are unique to them and factors they have in common with other buyer personas.

It helps you to be a lot more efficient and streamlined when you’re planning and setting up email campaigns. There is often some ‘core’ content that is relevant to everybody that you can tailor to different avatars.

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Developing your buyer personas will be a fantastic source of inspiration to you as well.

Why not start here

To ensure your campaigns are interesting, you could develop your buyer personas or avatars. A buyer persona is a deep pen portrait description of a client type who typifies a group of customers or targets that you have for your business. They’ll have certain things in common, but they’re more than just a classic segmentation category (i.e. chief executive, managing director) and goes into much more depth about that person, what they’re trying to achieve, their goal and desired outcomes.

If you sell CRM software, for example, you would develop buyer personas for the target users as well as the DMU (decision-making unit). The Finance Director will have different wants and needs to a call-centre operative or marketing manager.

A well-developed avatar may have a name, personal/work details, pictures clipped from magazines to build up an idea of their life. It will also capture what they are trying to achieve, their challenges and values as well as key concerns.

This can be very powerful and enable you feel as if you’re writing for one special person and your emails will come to life.

Remember: Buyer personas may make your email marketing hard to resist!

Next we are going to discover how email marketing is more than just your newsletter!

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*Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash